1. What are my chances of getting lymphedema?

2. How do you check for it? 

3. What are the signs of lymphedema? Which ones should I report to you? 

4. Should I avoid specific activities with the arm that had lymph nodes removed? (i.e., blood pressure, blood draws, shots)? 

5. Are there exercises or activities I can do to try to prevent lymphedema? Are there any I should avoid? 

6. Is there anything else I can do to prevent lymphedema?

7. If I get a cut, burn or insect bite on the affected arm, what should I do?

8. How is lymphedema treated?

9. What is a compression sleeve? Should I wear one? Do I always have to wear it, even at night? What about on an airplane? 

10. Where can I get a compression sleeve? Should I have one made to fit me? 

11. What is manual lymph drainage (MLD)? What about complex decongestive therapy? Please explain how these treatments work.