Our Founder

My name is Kaitlyn Turner. I am our founder and inspiration behind the Triple T Foundation for Breast Cancer. Tina Taylor Turner was my mother. When I was only six my mother lost her battle to breast cancer. Today I find myself fighting the same battle. I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Stage 2B Grade 3 at the young age of 27. Who would have thought I, at the age of 27, would be facing the same battle that took my Mom away from me so many years ago?  Since my diagnosis last October, I have gone through 6 months of infusion chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, 6 weeks of radiation and now presently am in the middle of a six-month oral chemotherapy regimen. Once I complete the oral chemotherapy, I will start my journey of reconstruction. 

Since my diagnosis last year, I have had to face many obstacles thrown in my path from  lymphedema, a large seroma that took months to get under control and now a diagnosis of celiac disease. The fight never seems to end but I keep a positive attitude and am determined to kick this in the butt. 

Many hours have been spent researching my diagnosis and searching out grants to help supplement my income. There are grants out there that not only help with your medical bills but will pay your health insurance premiums, car payment, car insurance, utilities, rent and so much more. I want to help educate and share my resources to help other people who are on the same journey as myself. If I can help just one person then I feel like I am fulfilling my mother’s dream of being an inspiration and helping others. 

Inspiration behind the foundation

Tina Taylor Turner is the inspiration behind the Triple T Foundation for Breast Cancer. Tina was diagnosed with Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma at the young age of 29. After completing her first round of treatment Tina went into remission with no evidence of the disease. Two years later the disease came back with vengeance. It was then Tina was then diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer having spread to multiple parts of her body.  Tina was an amazing Christian woman, wife, and mother of three beautiful daughters. At the young age of 33 Tina lost her life to breast cancer leaving her husband to care for their young daughters all by himself. Tina was lucky to have a wonderful support system.  Throughout all her journey Tina was inspired to help others going through the same fight she was fighting. It is with honor that her daughter, Kaitlyn Turner, has created this foundation in Tina’s name sake to carry on her memory. 

Sign our petition for change!

We are working to get signatures on this petition to enact a change to begin screenings sooner so that we can catch diagnosis sooner! We hate seeing how young individuals are being diagnosed with breast cancer and want to change that. Help make a change!